Dedicated to Electrical Grid Infrastructure Construction

Power Corporation of America (PCA), through our subsidiaries, constructs and maintains energy infrastructure systems including transmission lines, drilled pier foundations, distribution systems, substations, environmental, right of way clearing, and other electrical installations for the power utility industry; supporting the transportation of energy delivered to businesses and families across the Southeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States and Texas.

Our Values

The men and women of PCA and our subsidiaries are held firmly by our principle values. These values embody our group of companies and are the basis of our operations. By applying these values, we create better relationships with our employees, subcontractors, communities and clients.


Through experience, we have built a culture of safety within our organizations that strive for Zero Incidents. We invest in safety for our employees because their lives depend on it daily and our people are what bring us success.


Led by pro-active executive management with firmly held principles, unwavering reliability, highly skilled craftsmen and trustworthiness built on years of successful business relationships, integrity is the basis for our group of companies.


PCA's criteria for success is excellence. We achieve this through constant business process improvements and safety enhancements from our executives to our ground personnel and equipment.