Committed to Making A Positive Impact

At Power Corporation of America (PCA), we and our subsidiaries are devoted to working to improve the environmental well-being of our regionally based operations’ communities. Additionally, we are also obligated to the vast number of communities where our group of companies and personnel work on a daily basis. We are committed to making a positive impact on the areas in which we work by conducting business in a safe, environmentally sound, and cooperative manner.

We’re Minimizing Our Environmental Impact

In an effort to minimize our environmental impact and footprint in the regions of which we work, PCA will strive to:

  • Continue our recycling efforts associated with recyclable construction materials by partnering with our customers to ensure these materials are recycled at designated recycling centers.
  • Maintain our right-of-way restoration efforts.
  • Uphold our Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for our construction work site activities for compliance with the Clean Water Act.
  • Reduce the impact of our carbon footprint emissions by maintaining a late model fleet of vehicles and equipment.
  • Recycling of our oil, fluid, and lubricants.
  • Voluntarily establishing “Green” initiatives for our regional office locations by:
    • Reduction in the use of lighting, which reduces power usage.
    • Installation of energy efficient appliances, thermostats, etc.
    • The use of LED’s when applicable.
    • Use of paper recycling.
    • Reduction in the use of Styrofoam and plastic products.
    • Implementation of an aluminum-recycling program that donates the proceeds to local charities.
    • Migration to a web-based employment application process to assist in the decrease of our use of paper products and printer cartridges.

PCA is committed to periodically reviewing the effectiveness of our sustainability policy initiatives and to continue improving our sustainability to create additional environmentally friendly values for our group of companies.